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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

No, ABC hasn’t canceled Marvel’s Inhumans yet

Marvel’s Inhumans (Photo: ABC)
Marvel’s Inhumans (Photo: ABC)

Despite a lackluster first season, ABC isn’t ready to throw in the towel on Marvel’s Inhumans.


Rumors began circulating over the weekend that the broadcaster had “quietly canceled” the primetime comic-book adaptation from Scott Buck after SpoilerTV noticed that trying to access the Inhumans page on the ABC-Disney press site resulted in an error message. And it was kind of funny to see “whatever was supposed happen, didn’t happen” in reference to what was obviously supposed to be a hit for ABC, but turned out to be an uninspired and unfocused take on the not-X-Men. But when The A.V. Club reached out to ABC about the future of the series, a representative responded with “all pickups will be announced in May,” which presumably means a decision hasn’t been made yet.

Still, things aren’t looking good for Inhumans, which failed to make a splash even after premiering on IMAX over a holiday weekend. And with Disney’s acquisition much of 21st Century Fox’s creative assets—including film and TV franchises based on the much more popular X-Men—ABC might just be ready to cut the series loose.

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