No, sorry, Mr. Bean will not be in Knives Out 2, but Jessica Henwick will be

Another day, another spectacular Knives Out 2 cast announcement

No, sorry, Mr. Bean will not be in Knives Out 2, but Jessica Henwick will be
Jessica Henwick Photo: Rich Polk

Now whodunnit this time? Wait, Mr. Bean aka Rowan Atkinson? What are you doing here? No no no, get out you’re not actually in this movie, you’re just the subject of a well-played and not entirely unbelievable meme. So sorry y’all, Mr. Bean is not in the sequel for Knives Out 2… yet.

If it’s not Mr. Bean, who’s really dunnit this time? Well, if the “it” in this case is “join the cast of the upcoming Rian Johnson-directed murder mystery Knives Out sequel,” then Jessica Henwick dunnit. Henwick joins a cast as legendary as the first one. She’ll star alongside Daniel Craig, Dave Bautista, Leslie Odom Jr., Kathryn Hahn, Janelle Monae, Kate Hudson, and Edward Norton. If you recall the first Knives Out brought in a high caliber cast including Ana De Armas, Chris Evans, Toni Collette, Michael Shannon, Jamie Lee Curtis, and more. We need a rundown on Johnson’s elevator pitch, because he’s doing something right.

Henwick had a recurring role in Games of Thrones as Nymeria Sand, and most recently, she starred in Love And Monsters and in On The Rocks with Bill Murray and Rashida Jones. The actress’ next role will be in the upcoming Matrix installment with Keanu Reeves and Christina Ricci, set to be released later this year. Deadline reports that Henwick’s character in Matrix 4 will be someone “like Neo.”

The facts for Knives Out 2 are as follows: Johnson closed a whopping $450 million deal with Netflix for the next two Knives Out films, Ram Bergman will work with Johnson once again to produce the sequels, Craig will reprise his role as the southern detective Benoit Blanc, with his unforgettable accent back in full force, and finally, filming for the sequel takes place in Greece… meaning a potential international mystery? Maybe some maritime drama? Other than that, no other details are known about the mysterious plot.

Book your tickets Henwick, you’re going to Greece!

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