If any lesson should be taken from the undying Kramer scandal, it's that stand-up comic is the world's worst job. People yell at you, you say stupid stuff in a live microphone, and the everybody ends up hating you. Sadly, alt-country singer-songwriter Will Oldham has decided to try his hand at the black comic arts, premiering his stand-up act (!) Dec. 19 at Weeds in Chicago, Pitchfork reports. Chances are Oldham will do fine or at least perform without incident, but you never know these days–even a seemingly stable fellow like Andy Dick is subject to flights of slur-tastic fancy. Dick has promptly apologized for dropping an N-bomb at L.A.'s Improv Saturday night. After jumping on stage during a set by comedian Ian Bagg, Dick departed with, "You're all a bunch of niggers!" Dick was joking about the Richards scandal, but, um, yeah, people don't really have a sense of humor about it at the moment.