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Now That's What I Call Grieving!

There are compilation CDs for nearly every occasion: for parties, for spring break, for Ultra dancing, for NOW!, and for when your kidz just want to bop out to that one song about Pink's divorce because they have no idea that lyrics can mean anything. But, so far, no one's come up with a compilation CD to play while awkwardly holding a boombox at a graveside interment of a loved one. There is no Now That's What I Call Funeral! to patch in over the funeral home sound system during a wake.

But a UK company has come up with the next best thing:

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(via Idolator)

Judging by the cover art, the CD is either a compilation of songs to listen to when your quinceanera goes wrong, or when you're feeling Cinderella sad. But the compilation's title and product description leave little room for interpretation

Time to Say Goodbye is a double album packed full of 40 timeless classics for moments of reflection. This stunning compilation features all-time classics including "Con Te Partiro (Time To Say Goodbye)", "Over The Rainbow", 'Angel", "Hallelujah", "Amazing Grace" and many more. Time to Say Goodbye is the ultimate collection of songs for relaxing to.

Yes, it's two discs jam-packed with sloppy covers of shlocky ballads to listen to in what should be those moments of quiet reflection following the death of a loved-one. And they're all here! All the songs you'd love to hear while growing numb with grief. There's "Candle In The Wind," Donny Osmond singing "You Are So Beautiful," (It doesn't get more depressing than that, folks!), "God Only Knows" sung by something called Blake, "Somewhere" from West Side Story, a boys choir singing "Tears In Heaven" (You'll only be able to hear "tears" through your cloud of depression!), "All By Myself" sung, ironically, by a men's chorus, and much much more!

With Time To Say Goodbye, you'll never, ever stop crying. We guarantee it.