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Oh, hell yeah: Nintendo announces its first Animal Crossing mobile game

(Screenshot: Nintendo Mobile/YouTube)

Tonight, in “Shut Up And Take Our Money”: Nintendo has finally bit the bell and announced that it’ll soon be releasing its first Animal Crossing mobile game. Titled Pocket Camp, the game will, unsurprisingly, take place in a summer camp, complete with the series’ usual assortment of hapless animals, ever-abundant chores, and dangerously predatory loan sharks.

For those unfamiliar with Animal Crossing, it’s kind of like The Sims, except in bright, cheerful pastels, and without all that nagging pressure to succeed. Instead, you might spend an entire afternoon moving crafted furniture around your house, before doing some fishing and then writing a letter to a computerized otter. In other words, the franchise is one of the ultimate video game chillouts, and it seems like a perfect fit for mobile. (Hell, it even has the perfect way to justify microtransactions, thanks to a history of manipulative salesmen like the much-feared Tom Nook.)


The game—available for both iOS and Android—is set to release in late November, although Nintendo has already opened up pre-registration for eager fans who want to be notified as soon as it arrives. In the meantime, let’s take a moment to mourn series “mascot,” Mr. Resetti, who’ll presumably no longer have an excuse to hector us for failing to save every time we shut off the game, now that it lives on our phones:

[via Kotaku]

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