Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim imagines a world where the invasion of giant monsters has caused a whole raft of problems, chiefly in the realm of not getting killed by giant monsters. Fortunately, as with the crises of poverty or environmental collapse, mankind can always just build giant robots to punch its problems in the face—a solution as elegant as it is effective in getting giant robots to punch things. That’s the debate that very briefly plays out here in this full-length trailer, in which Charlie Day, unlikely voice of scientific reason, expounds on the need to get inside the heads of the Earth’s interdimensional enemies, while Charlie Hunnam just wants to get inside his big robot suit and start hitting. Elsewhere, Idris Elba suggests maybe they should try stopping the apocalypse, and Ron Perlman rocks the sort of outfit you can only get away with when everyone’s too distracted by giant robots fighting monsters. Also, one of the robots swings a battleship like a baseball bat, because that’s what you call problem-solving.