As promised, the next book up for discussion in the A.V. Club's monthly Wrapped Up In Books book club is Patrick O’Brian’s seafaring 1970 adventure Master And Commander, the first in a 20-book series set during the Napoleonic Wars and centering on the relationship between Captain Jack Aubrey of the Royal Navy and his ship surgeon Stephen Maturin. We'd previously said we were going to launch that discussion on February 22, but it looks like we’ve all had a busy month, and… Well, let's just say that solely as a public service to you, the readers, and not at all because none of us have actually finished the book yet, we’re going to postpone the discussion launch by a week, until March 1. So if you also haven’t finished the book, well shame on you! Shame shame shame! And you’re in the same boat as us (so to speak), so get reading.

We’ll see you in an extra week, when the Master And Commander discussion begins on Monday, March 1.