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Piven Falls Into The Gap

Personally, I've always thought that nothing says "V-Neck T" like a contorted Jeremy Piven with a chain in his mouth. It was only a matter of time before The Gap agreed with me, and put that very image in every magazine I've opened today.

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But considering that Piven's one eye has been staring at me from the pages of various publications all day, I figured that now is as good a time as any to bring up my growing disappointment with

Entourage. (Apart from this Gap ad, though, I'm not disappointed in Piven. He's the only reason to watch Entourage this season.) Has anyone been watching this season? In case you haven't, let me bring you up to speed: Nothing really happens. Ever. Situations are presented and resolved within 20, sometimes 24 minutes, and the resolutions never really resonate in any way. On the rare occasion that a story line is carried over into the next episode, it is almost always resolved in a hasty, unsatisfying way, and the boring status quo of the guys and their lives is maintained. It's like watching a Hollywood version of Full House. Take, for example, Eric's threesome with Sloane and her friend, which was probably the most interesting story line of the season. It lasted for two (count em, two) whole episodes. Episode 1: Eric debates whether or not to have a threesome with his girlfriend and her friend. By "debates" I mean "asks Vince, Turtle, and Johnny about it." Threesome is had. Episode 2: Eric has feelings for the friend. The friend, in turn, reveals she has feelings for Eric. Within 1 minute of learning this Eric avoids the friend, has an awkward exchange with her in the morning, and she disappears forever. See? Everything is fine! Nothing bad is done that can't be undone! Wooo! Let's go to Vegas! But maybe I'm wrong (I'm not, by the way, this is just a transition). What do all of you think?