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Please experience the pure joy of this video of some people freaking out over a bat

You do not need The A.V. Club to tell you that there is a lot to be afraid of in the world, a near-unceasing stream of bad news, dire prognostications, unforeseen catastrophes, and Jake Paulers. Step outside your so-called filter bubble and you will only see your own fears inverted and used to frighten other people. It’s dangerous out there.

And so we say please, before setting out into the irradiated wasteland of the internet today, stop in at the warm hearth of this video of an Irish family attempting to shoo a bat out of their home, starring a dad who is doing a great job, a mom hiding behind a door, a frightened dog doing what frightened dogs do, and a bat that seemingly survived this entire ordeal to fly out into the night sky, wondering what the fuck it had just flown into. We’re all wondering that, rodent friend. We all are.


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