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Power-mad YouTubers pop 41-foot-tall balloon

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Screenshot: How Ridiculous

When you and a few pals find yourself swimming in YouTube money, the world suddenly becomes a wondrous place where any dumb idea can become a reality. In the past, we’ve seen the upper echelon of the vidéo riche put their wealth toward projects as varied as buying old Battlebots and throwing grenades into ATMs to burning expensive merchandise and purchasing towns so their names can be changed. The fellas at How Ridiculous, on the other hand, are interested mainly in seeing just how big a balloon they can pop on camera.

The video begins with the trio of balloon-crazed YouTubers explaining that they’d been given access to an entire arena for their work—a necessary move when you’d like to inflate a balloon as tall as seven men and then blow it up for the internet. After showing off a bunch of deflated balloons so enormous that they look more like a giant’s used condoms than party decorations, How Ridiculous get to work pumping air into the main attraction: A 41 foot tall balloon.


Skip ahead to about 13 minutes in the clip if you want to see the magic moment when the thing explodes. While two of the YouTubers discuss their plans, the third sits below the giant balloon, inflating it with a leaf blower. Suddenly, it bursts into a perfect, orb-shaped cloud of loose plastic and gross-looking yellow powder. There’s a noise like a gun being shot through a megaphone. “I just genuinely need to change me jocks,” one of them says after a moment of stunned silence.

Knowing that they’ve fulfilled some impossible, balloon-based dream, How Ridiculous then reviews their footage, showing us slow motion video of the giant balloon popping. “That is sick,” someone says as the explosion is played normally and in reverse, the balloon forming and coming apart like a planet’s sudden birth and destruction being documented on some cosmic video camera. Watching the footage, we have to agree. That big balloon exploding is sick, YouTubers. Thanks for doing it.

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