Deal Or No Deal knows its limitations. Watching people point at numbered suitcases while Howie Mandel fields calls from an angry silhouette gets boring after one or two minutes, so, as revealed in this trailer, Deal Or No Deal has come up with some flashy ideas to keep their show at its most exciting: Girls in bikinis! Smoke machines! A giant wheel that is only revealed in seizure-vision! Star Wars costumes! Screaming! A tube filled with both air and money! Howie Mandel in a parka! Also, I'm pretty sure I saw some audience members playing Russian roulette with a loaded gun in the background of one of the swooping shots--that's how overcome with excitement they were!

Strangely though, this promo doesn't include the second most exciting guest appearance the show has ever had (after Donald Trump): George W. Bush, a man who, as Howie is kind enough to remind the audience, is President Of The United States

It is so nice of Bush to call in and wish this contestant–-an Iraq war veteran who hopes to win enough money to pay off his parents' house, in part because the economy isn't what it used to be and serving three tours of duty in Iraq might get you a purple heart but it won't get you enough money to pay off a mortgage, and there's maybe no way out of his personal financial deficit except possibly winning a large sum of money purely by chance on a ridiculous game show--good luck. Bush is so down to earth.