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Queer softball series Slo Pitch is up to bat for 2 seasons at IFC

The short form show follows queer softball team The Brovaries in their pursuit of a championship title

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Co-creators Karen Knox and Gwenlyn Cumyn.
Co-creators Karen Knox and Gwenlyn Cumyn.
Photo: Chelsea Guglielmino (Getty Images)

Lesbians, beer, and softball: a match made in heaven. There’s no better announcement to be made as Pride Month comes to a close: IFC has picked up the web comedy series Slo Pitch for two seasons. Produced by Canadian production company Shaftesbury, Slo Pitch is a mockumentary-style series following the misadventures of overly invested Coach Joanne and her underperforming queer softball team, The Brovaries.

Slo Pitch is an offbeat comedy that spotlights a memorable group of women with championships and beer on their mind. This women’s softball team embraces and celebrates every dimension of the LGBTQ+ experience except winning,” IFC Blake Callaway GM said in a press release. “It’s especially great timing for us to pick up this series during Pride month, as we continue to seek fresh, unexpected creative voices, to feature on IFC.”


Each season is made up of ten 10-minute episodes with season one following the underdog Brovaries team as they battle their way to the championship game in their highly competitive beer league. Typically known for losing and not taking the league too seriously, they kick it into high gear in a face-off against their arch-rivals the Toronto Blue Gays. The team renews their championship dreams in season two (which shooting this summer), an arc that coincides with wedding preparations for Joanne and her teammate Sasha.

Slo Pitch stars Kirsten Rasmussen (Band Ladies), Gwenlyn Cumyn (Barbelle), Karen Knox (Barbelle), Lane Webber, Kaitlin Alexander, Khadijah Roberts-Abdullah, Amanda Cordner, and Chelsea Muirhead. Slo Pitch is executive produced by Knox, Cumyn, Christina Jennings, Scott Garvie, and Michael Schram, and is produced by Paige Haight. The web series boasts a fully female and/or non-binary led creative team and a key cast that is 50% BIPOC. Seventy percent of the cast and crew identify as female or non-binary, and 80% of key cast identify as LGBTQ+.