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Read This: A ton of where-are-they-now interviews with the ladies of the '80s' most iconic music videos

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Music videos may be a fleeting art in the current pop culture climate, but at one point in time, they meant everything. The ladies who starred in iconic music videos of the 1980s became temporary celebrities while under the hot lights of MTV’s actual music video days. But what do they do now? That’s the question Marc Nobleman set out to answer with his blog, Noblemania. The self-proclaimed '80s obsessive sought out the ladies of a myriad of music videos—from Michael Jackson's clips to ZZ Top's shorts—and interviewed them about the process, the afterglow, and where they are now. Some skipped out on college to do more videos, while others became stay-at-home moms, TV producers, or masters of HR software. It’s an interesting peek into the lives of women with careers that don't really exist anymore.