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The fact that characters on The Simpsons rarely face forward is one of those things you don’t realize until somebody points it out. But once you see it, it’s nearly impossible to stop thinking about. First, there’s the absolute horror of that flat, bulbous nose. Then, the unnatural placement of the ears which seemingly sit on the front half of the head. Finally, the dead look in those perfectly symmetrical eyes as they stare deep into your soul. These faces have all the makings of, as the above tweet puts, a “cursed” image.

This week, as awareness of front-facing Simpsons spread across the internet, people began sharing more instances of the residents of Springfield looking absolutely nightmarish.


Honestly, some of these images are so off-putting, you start to question whether they’re even real. Maybe this is just some of that poorly edited Simpsons shitposting we’ve been hearing so much about. Then you see Ralph Wiggum’s weird-ass face from the front and you know the horrible truth.


Luckily, there is one palate-cleansing front-facing Simpsons image out there that is so pure you’ll almost forget Mr. Burn’s phallic nose.


Thank God for Marge.

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