Proving that A&E; isn't all murder shows, biographies, and the main source of outside income for Pink's husband, the network aired the Rock Paper Scissors Championship on Saturday. The show was a sort of combination of Let's Make A Deal (because of asinine, inexplicable costumes), ESPN (because of general shouting commentary), and a web video (because, like, it was a Rock Paper Sissors championship). Here's a clip. (There's more here.)

It was like that, but for an hour. The whole thing was pretty funny, really. The announcers were very flippant about everything (as they should be), but it was hard to tell if the contestants were taking it seriously or not. I tuned in right as they were doing a special, inspirational piece about one contestant. She was talking about how she used to be homeless, and that one night she and some of her fellow bums played a game of Rock Paper Scissors for $2. The piece ended with her saying, "That night, I ate because of Rock Paper Scissors." Very dramatic, right? Then they cut to her playing a round of Rock Paper Scissors at the Championship. She lost. As she walked away, one of the announcers said, "Guess it's back on the street for her. Moving on…" Did anyone else see this?