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Sam Bee returns, just in time for "Mueller Christmas"

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Screenshot: Full Frontal With Samantha Bee

While it’s tempting to demand that all late-night comedians stay at their posts until this whole national nightmare of an administration crashes and burns, it’s probably for the best that folks like Full Frontal’s Samantha Bee take a breather now and again. After all, she nearly burned down her set with telekinetic rage-flame covering the ultimately successful attempt of the GOP to stuff a ranting, ultra-partisan accused rapist onto the Supreme Court that time. So, a nice, relaxing few weeks off was probably in order. Still, it was nice to have Bee back on Wednesday, at least if you are not Donald Trump, Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, or Fox News propaganda siren Sean Hannity.

Taking on the recent news of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s latest maneuvers in the investigation into whether the president is actually the treasonous head of the gang that couldn’t collude straight, Bee had some cathartically gleeful fun watching clips of Trump and company sweat. And, in the case of Trump associate and guy who dresses like he’s about to help the Joker take over Gotham City, Roger Stone, nervously suck on his teeth and tongue like an elderly land tortoise trapped on his back. Playing Stone’s “tell” while being grilled by George Stephanopoulos over his own incriminating emails about Wikileaks hacker and (other) accused rapist Julian Assange, Bee clearly enjoyed the spectacle of the noted political operative and ratfucker Stone (who’s announced his intention to plead the Fifth) melt on live TV.


The same goes for her dissection of Hannity’s current “Mueller is just trying to trap the president by asking him questions and stuff” defense of Trump. Calling out Hannity’s use of the no-doubt Fox focus-tested term “testi-lying” to describe the fact that Donald Trump might have to keep his ineptly spun web of mendacity straight under oath, Bee noted that that’s already the term for how women pretend that men’s testicles aren’t gross. After that kick to the balls, all that was left was for Bee to wish everyone a very Mueller Christmas, with visions of Don Jr. sweating Axe body spray through his expensive trial suit dancing in our heads.

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