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Sanrio's beer-swilling rage panda is getting her own Netflix show

(Photo: Getty Images/Taronga Zoo, Peter Hardin)

If someone wanted to choose a mascot for 2017, they could do a lot worse than Aggretsuko, the latest adorable animal character from the Hello Kitty people at Sanrio. Aggretsuko (a.k.a. “Aggressive Retsuko”) made her debut late last year, and she’s described as a red panda who is “a single, 25-year-old female. Scorpio, blood type A.” More importantly, though, she’s also a tightly wound ball of extreme rage who copes with the horrors of her everyday life by getting drunk and singing heavy-metal songs at karaoke bars.

Now, perhaps after noticing that we’re all sort of a furious red panda these days, Netflix has decided to pick up an original animated series about Aggretsuko and her infuriating friends. The series—titled Aggretsuko—will feature 10 episodes, with each one being 15 minutes long, and they’ll follow Retsuko as she “attempts to maintain a healthy work/life balance.” Rob Roy, Netflix’s vice president of content acquisition, said that Aggretsuko “may be a uniquely Japanese show,” but the “frustration it taps into…is universal.”


Aggretsuko will premiere in spring 2018, and you can see her original announcement trailer below.

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