The Sea Beast | Official Trailer | Netflix

These compelling themes are communicated through astounding character work brought to life by a talented voice cast, whether it’s Hator expressing Maisie’s disillusionment with her romanticized adoration of the life at sea, or Urban’s Jacob wrestling with the possibility that his life has been primed for a less-than-noble purpose. The standout is Jared Harris’ turn as Captain Crow, a man in constant struggle between his Ahab-like convictions and his responsibilities to his hunting crew and the world-at-large. Even a minor character like Crow’s first mate (voiced by Marianne Jean-Baptiste) acts as a powerful communicator of complex moral dilemmas with only a few lines of dialogue.


Overall, the narrative, performative, and visual splendor of The Sea Beast are enough to vastly outweigh minor issues in presentational consistency. This is a richly realized nautical world, with the animation team expressing an obvious love for the adventure stories that inspired it and a passion for telling a story as hopeful as it is exciting. Whether you’re a fan of animation, a parent in search of a story that won’t condescend to your kids, or just a film lover looking for your latest fix, this is an excellent way to set sail for adventure.