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Remember “The Monster Mash?” Remember when all the ghouls came over to dance and drink and be referenced with just enough obscurity to feature in novelty song lyrics without running afoul of copyright laws? There was Dracula, the Wolfman, a mummy, some zombies—classic members of the Halloween pantheon.

Well, 2017 is set to prompt a rewrite of the old “Mash” because it looks like our wretched goddamned culture has just found a new minion of darkness to incorporate into this October’s festivities: the “sexy border control agent.”

Screenshot: Spicy Lingerie

While obviously both hilarious and sexy, and a steal at $54.95, the costume is also, if you have any sort of a conscience, in tremendously bad taste. Given a political landscape currently defined by state-sanctioned racism and nativism, goofing around as a short-skirted agent of many people’s living nightmare might not be the greatest idea. Still, because everything sucks, expect to see lots of this garbage costume next month.

[via Mashable]

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