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Some contestants The Bachelor probably never wanted to see again return for “Women Tell All”

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Wow, I did not miss so many of these people. Women Tell All can be hit or miss, but in the Mean Girl seasons, it basically results in them trying to justify their horrible behavior on national TV. And lord knows there was no shortage of awful behavior this season: a mere half-hour in to the Women Tell All, and I was already exhausted. At an hour, I couldn’t believe we were only halfway through. Even Chris Harrison described the sit-down as “very emotional, very heated.”


Almost right out of the gate, the Mean Girl squad proved that they had not learned anything at all—especially Victoria. You can’t blame Katie for causing the toxicity in the house just because she was the one who pointed it out, Chelsea! That house was as toxic as a cesspool, and if you didn’t see it, then you were likely part of the problem. God bless Katie for continuing to stick to her guns throughout the whole thing. Chelsea, I am disappointed in you.

At least Anna did apologize to Brittany and say that she had no justification for spreading a false rumor about her—and rightly so, because there is nothing in the world that could make that right. Just going through that whole situation again only served to highlight just how horrible this show can be: Thank you Brittany for saying that there’s nothing wrong with the sex industry, but there is definitely something wrong about lying about it.

Unlike Anna, Victoria’s apologies were less than convincing. It is a total pet peeve of mine to accuse someone of being “super-sensitive” for being offended by something you’ve said to them. You know what—if something you said hurts someone, then it is hurtful. Victoria got a little roasting from the other girls, but not nearly as much that she deserved And way less than Katie, which just makes no sense at all.

Realizing that watching these women in-fight for 120 minutes would be even more exhausting, the producers showed various unaired activities that were actually a lot more fun than what they showed on the regular episodes. Guess they had to make room for all the drama, but would much rather see these women having fun together than sniping at each other the whole time. Although making them reach a hand into a box of insects to get an engagement ring was a bit degrading.

But that seems to be the whole point, I guess. The whole thing’s degrading. When Matt finally comes out with 30 minutes left in the game (not a fan of the beard, btw), he was way too apologetic (to Victoria, of all people) and the other Mean Girls about their heinous behavior. Sure, I guess it’s hard to be on a reality TV show. But there’s no reason for name-calling while you’re there. Matt seems like a very nice guy, but throughout the season, for the most part his refusal to take a stand has been problematic.


Except… he took one last week with his Instagram statement against the show. And now it’s recently been announced former NFL star Emmanuel Acho will be hosting the After The Final Rose event. Given all that’s happened since the show wrapped, depending on who Matt eventually winds up with, that episode should be interesting. Unlike the WTA, which managed to be both awful and boring, a true feat!

Stray observations

  • “Previously recorded on February 4, 2021,” i.e., five days before Chris Harrison talked to Rachel Lindsay on Extra.
  • Oh hey Victoria, why weren’t you asking those pointed questions about the validity of Anna’s rumor when she first told it to you?
  • Abigail definitely deserved better, and Matt still seems like he has feelings for Serena P.
  • Could not care less that MJ is afraid of birds!
  • upsetness = not a word
  • Too late Serena C., everyone already saw what you did.
  • Victoria: “I have learned a lot.” Like how to use an effective under-eye concealer. And to utilize crocodile tears.
  • Bad move on bloopers to show fun scenes like one with Tayshia and Jojo that didn’t even air. Because seeing people run away from bees is boring.
  • Can’t help but wish that they had announced that Katie was the new Bachelorette at the end, just to see the expressions on the faces of Victoria et al.
  • Next week: See you in the fantasy suites, y’all.

Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.