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Someone edited Tommy Wiseau's Joker into The Dark Knight, and it is awful

Tommy Wiseau has done the internet a great service once again. After years of delighting the world with the endless riches of The Room, the actor has cannily used his talents to enliven our nightmares by agreeing and committing fully to a few minutes of masterclass acting as the new face of Christopher Nolan’s raggedy, stringy-haired version of The Joker.

This performance, previously described on the site as “easily the most terrifying thing Wiseau has produced since he humped Juliette Danielle’s bellybutton for far too long way back in 2003,” is nuclear in its power. The sound of Wiseau’s bizarre laughter and the unknowable thoughts communicated by his lazily roving eyes imprint themselves on the mind, never to be erased.

Now, refining the dreadful raw material of the original video into its pure essence, a YouTube channel (delightfully named Bup) has weaponized Wiseau’s Joker by inserting his version of the character into 2008's The Dark Knight itself.


Watch the terminal point of this dread experiment as Wiseau rages through a surrealist reading of the famous “why so serious?” line, dreamily monologues the villain’s motivations to Christian Bale’s Batman, and proudly exclaims “I’m a Joker and joke is on you! Yeah!”

Some performances replace the popular image of famous characters as soon as they appear. Now, just as Jack Nicholson became the definitive Joker, taking over for Cesar Romero, and Heath Ledger stole Nicholson’s reign, the unlikeliest actor of all is set to become the iconic villain forevermore. Welcome Wiseau’s Joker as the current day’s quintessential version. May he live on forever on the screen and in your most terrifying nightmares.

[via Reddit]

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