Succession | Inside the Episode: Season 4, Episode 3 | HBO Max

Roman breaks down first. You can’t blame him because his last words to Logan might be “Are you a cunt?” via a scathing voicemail. He spends the entirety of “Connor’s Wedding” in denial, yelling at Shiv to stop saying he’s dead until it’s confirmed, wondering if Logan can breathe if his heart fails. His withdrawal is a deep cut. Roman suffered his father’s physical abuse the most, but he’s the least ready to accept Logan’s fate until witnessing him in a body bag. They’re all unprepared to exist without yearning for his approval, even amid an all-out war.


Look at Shiv’s immediate reaction: “I can’t have that yet,” she says with tears streaming down her face, shaking as she begs him on the phone not to go yet. She succumbs to arrested development in that minute, returning to calling Logan “daddy” affectionately. Time hasn’t stopped for her; it’s gone backward. She’d rather her mum die than him because at least she knows how to disassociate from Caroline (Harriet Walter). That’s why she suggests keeping the plane in the air “for an extra beat.” She’d rather he float above than deal with it on the ground. She does literally walk away when the plane lands, too.

When reality hits Kendall on that cursed boat, Logan’s number-one boy doesn’t know what he can do. So he calls Jess (Juliana Canfield) and Frank (Peter Friedman), hoping to get the best doctors. Frank gently telling Kendall that the pilot can’t talk because he’s flying is one of the saddest dialogues of the episode, followed by Ken’s weak command to ensure he turns around and lands the plane safely. Feeling helpless is an undeniable aspect of grief—you’re only left with your feelings, and the person you most want to express them to is gone. What’s left is a gaping hole. Succession aced this beautiful, scary depiction.


Connor is further proof. “He never even liked me. I never got the chance to make him proud of me,” he heartbreakingly says after the news is (finally) broken to him. It’s a stunningly self-aware response and not as surprising after last week’s “I don’t need love; it’s my superpower” speech. Once again, Succession ensures his reaction is in line with who Connor is as a person—he’s taken aback by Logan’s demise, sure, but he’s more worried that if he doesn’t marry Willa (Justine Lupe) despite this, she’ll walk away. And so he gets a weirdly happy ending on the day his dad meets his maker.

The remaining episodes of the fourth and final season will undoubtedly follow up on how the Roy kids handle their grief. With the immediacy out of the way, they will jump back into the business of it all. They already do in “Connor’s Wedding” as they draft a statement to compete with Karl (David Rasche), Karolina (Dagmara Dominczyk), Frank, and Tom. Oh, Tom, who barely got time to process being the polite go-to guy between his dead “protector” and his ex-wife. All he could muster was a teary “I’m not okay” to Greg (Nicholas Braun). Was it a breakdown or a selfish thought? Maybe both. (Also, Colin’s [Scott Nicholson] few seconds looking bereft at the airport was quite the gut punch, right?)


Succession will never be the same again. “Connor’s Wedding” will go down as one most talked about episodes of Jesse Armstrong’s drama, and rightfully so. In the most Succession of ways (biting humor and one-liners like “He’s heavily fuckin’ delayed”), the show dealt with the pulverizing torment of losing a parent, especially one with whom you share a troubled history—so much so that Kendall’s difficult goodbye included “I can’t forgive you, but I love you.” It’s the kind of raw truth Logan would’ve appreciated.

The installment accurately captures the gutting onslaught of grief, a smorgasbord of chaos, disbelief, and distress. One day you’re telling off your dad in a karaoke bar; the (literal) next, you’re calling it a family function because you’ll never hear him say, “I love you, but you’re not serious people” again. You’ll also never win that final kiss from daddy. And damned if that all won’t make us weep, even if we hated Logan’s guts.