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Sufjan Stevens teams up with "Renegade" dancer Jalaiah Harmon for "Video Game"

We don’t normally think of Sufjan Stevens as being a musician especially interested in modern trends; even the songs he’s been releasing off his upcoming album, The Ascension, have felt like classic Stevens’ tracks, albeit in an even-more-downbeat-than-usual way. But not even the saddest dreamer in indie folk is immune to the effects of a really great social media dance, apparently because he’s now recruited Jalaiah Harmon—best known as the 14-year-old choreographer whose dance moves helped turned Camp K’s “Lottery (Renegade)“ into a TikTok hi,t for his latest video. Harmon busts out her moves in the video for Stevens’ latest single, “Video Game,” which—and we hate to be nit-picky here—features her dancing in front of a backdrop that looks absolutely nothing like a video game. (Alright, we’re lying, we love to pick nits.)


Still: Some undeniably great moves, as Harmon busts a groove to Stevens’ typically mournful lyrics about relationships, hero worship, and control. Directed by Nicole Ginelli, the video (and song) are significantly shorter than the two previous songs Stevens has released off the album, both of which clocked in at the 10-minute-plus mark.

The Ascension is set to debut on September 25.

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