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Tonight, in news apparently designed to make us collectively shrug and go, “Yeah, that sounds good,” Variety is reporting that Star Wars star Oscar Issac is in talks to play Gomez Addams in an upcoming Addams Family animated film.

If he takes the part, Isaac will join a venerable fraternity of actors who’ve played the spooky, ooky patriarch over the years, including John Astin, Glenn Taranto, Tim Curry, and the late Raul Julia. Astin, especially, helped cement the character’s cheerfully macabre persona, transforming Charles Addams’ original conception of Gomez as a tubby grotesque into the exuberantly sinister charmer he ultimately became.


The animated Addams Family feature is being directed by Conrad Vernon, whose previous credits range from Sausage Party to Shrek. Isaac, meanwhile, is pretty busy at the moment; he’s got a new movie opening this weekend, in case you had somehow, inexplicably managed not to hear.

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