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The backstory that will make Cersei and Jon Snow’s meeting a little awkward

Photos: Helen Sloan/HBO
Photos: Helen Sloan/HBO

Since the truth of Jon Snow’s parentage was confirmed in last season’s Game Of Thrones finale, show watchers have been catching up on mapping out some of the familial relations that book readers did ages ago. Unbeknownst to the King In The North, he’s got a whole bunch of genetic connections that could complicate his political and romantic future. Most recently, a Reddit user noted that Jon Snow and Queen Cersei have an unlikely connection that could make their meeting next episode a bit awkward. (Spoilers for Game Of Thrones and A Song Of Ice And Fire ensue, obviously.)

We know that Jon and Cersei will meet at the Dragonpit. For Cersei Jon not only is Ned’s ‘bastard’ who became KitN but much more and she doesn’t even know.

When Tywin Lannister was Hand of the King to Mad King Aerys, he wanted his daughter Cersei to be married to Prince Rhaegar but Aerys refused and married Rhaegar to Ellia Martell.

Cersei always fancied and wanted to marry Prince Rhaegar. She even asked Maggy the witch “will I marry the Prince?”. Maggy the witch replied “No,You will marry the King”.

Now Cersei did marry the King and that King was Robert Baratheon. We know that he was to marry Lyanna Stark. He loved her even after her death and never loved Cersei.

So Jon is basically the son of the Prince she always wanted to marry and the woman her husband loved till his death.


In addition to being the face of Northern defiance in her quickly crumbling kingdom, Jon Snow is the living embodiment of the moment in Cersei’s life when things started to fall a part. If she realizes this before they come face-to-face next week, the unhinged queen is likely to either kill him or fall in love with him. Given the pace at which this season has been moving, both will probably happen?

Luckily for Jon, the only person in the Seven Kingdoms aware of his parentage is Bran, who doesn’t seem interested in divulging plot points to anyone. That kid’s got some other stuff going on.

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