Screenshot: Stranger Things

Episode two of Stranger Things’ new season two saw Nancy and Steve attend a Halloween party in an attempt to act like normal teenagers for a change. Their season-one baggage proves too heavy to enjoy a night of carefree drinking, but a closer look at the rest of the party-goers shows Tina knows how to throw a hell of a Halloween party. Here’s a half-dozen antics happening in the background of the Nancy/Steve drama.

1. The caveman, banging his head with his club after Billy’s kegstand

2. The guy with the googly eyes glasses, who can’t help but smile to himself as he shakes his head for optimum eye shaking

3. The toga-robed future frat boy chugging PURE FUEL (and whoever wrote “RAGUN SUX” with an anarchist A on the fridge)


4. The toga dude again, using a dish sponge to wipe his armpits

5. The toga teen, completing his own three-act play as his hubris leads him to vomit up his pure fuel


6. The phone in the blender (Tina’s parents are going to be pissed)