While the first Bling Ring teaser treated the real-life, privileged teenager crime spree that targeted young celebrities with all the gravity of a night out at the club, this full trailer delves deeper into the aftermath, examining their way more serious, only slightly less glamorous days out at the courthouse. Also, in addition to watching Hermione come to steal more shit, we finally hear Emma Watson’s Alexis Neiers stand-in speak, her accent confirming all that time Watson must have spent watching Pretty Wild was well spent. (Ditto the part where Leslie Mann calls her girls to an Adderall breakfast, lifted right from the show.) Anyway, Sofia Coppola sure seems to be having a lot of fun with this, perhaps the ultimate of her many expressions of the emptiness inherent in wealth and fame—and you may as well. That is, if you can somehow overcome your pity for Paris Hilton.