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Whether it’s performed by the Modal Nodes or not, everybody loves that good tune from the Mos Eisley cantina in Star Wars—which true nerds will know is titled “Mad About Me.” It’s bouncy, it’s catchy, and it can easily be looped in such a way that it’ll just go on forever—the true mark of a good song. Apparently, the song is even enjoyable when played “by a pencil,” as YouTube user Dani Ochoa proved in a video that bills her as “a girl with too much time on her hands.” Rather than trying to explain this bizarre bit of magic, here’s the video itself:

But wait, there’s more! According to a user on Reddit (via Mashable), the formula she’s writing out can actually be used to determine the speed of light, which is a crucial detail for hyperspace travel, which is a thing commonly used…in Star Wars. Not even Figrin D’an himself could’ve come up with something so clever when he was originally writing “Mad About Me” as a young Bith on the Bith home world (which is also called Bith).


Here’s another video with the original song played over Ochoa’s pencil work, just in case you couldn’t make it out the first time:

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