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The Heathers reboot takes a chainsaw to nostalgia in its first teaser

The teaser trailer for the TV reboot of Heathers debuted during last night’s MTV Video Music Awards, presumably causing much of the audience for the original Heathers to miss it. And that’s probably for the best, as this new teaser for the show—currently set to land on the Paramount Network—makes its damage very much known. The concept remains unchanged from when the show was supposed to air on TV Land, revolving around a 21st-Century group of Heathers that includes a Heather born male who identifies as genderqueer and a Heather gracefully described as having “a body like Martha Dumptruck.” They’re still bitches, though, because we have to justify Veronica Sawyer (Grace Victoria Cox) and her boyfriend J.D.’s (James Scully) murder spree somehow.

The TV version of Heathers and its word-for-word dialogue from the original film will debut on the Paramount Network next year.


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