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The Hunchback Of Notre Dame

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A remarkably faithful adaptation of Victor Hugo's epic 1831 novel about a lovable, golden-voiced hunchback and his trio of zany, wise-cracking gargoyle sidekicks, The Hunchback of Notre Dame should please both Disney fans and 19th century French romanticists alike. The plot: Deformed hunchback Quasimodo is trapped in the belltower by the evil Judge Frollo. Leggy gypsy Esmeralda must seek refuge in the belltower after lashing out against Frollo during the Feast of Fools. Together, Quasimodo and Esmeralda share many exciting adventures and sing many wonderful songs from the award-winning musical team of Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz. "Don't give up, Quasimodo," Esmeralda urges. "Listen to your heart!" Ultimately, with Esmeralda's help, Quasimodo does learn to listen, discovering his inner beauty and soaring above the clouds as the pop superstars in All-4-One sing the hit single, "Someday," available on cassette at Blockbuster for just $1.99 with any video rental. Then there's Esmeralda's love interest, the dashing, blond-haired Phoebus, played by Captain John Smith of Pocahontas. Will the handsome Phoebus win Esmeralda's fair hand in the end? Or will he be beaten out by Quasimodo, who's short on looks but long on heart? Or will neither man get the chance because Esmeralda is tragically executed, as in the original Hugo novel? See the movie and find out!