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The National are back for another beautifully mournful cover of a Bob's Burgers Thanksgiving song

(Screenshot: Behind Bob’s Burgers/YouTube)

If there’s one thing capable of dragging us out of our food hangovers and back into the world of rapidly fading Thanksgiving nostalgia, it’s Bob’s Burgers’ consistently great holiday episodes. Not only does the Belcher clan offer up the perfect mix of comedy and heart, year-in and year-out, but we can usually count on them to create a pretty great Thanksgiving song every few years, too. Last Sunday, the show finished its latest Turkey Day festivities with a musical tribute to the long-winded, neurotic hoarder we all love to be bored by, offering up “Give It To Teddy” over its closing credits.

Now, though, the tragic crooners of The National have returned to the Bob’s Burgers fold to slow things down and tap into the pathos behind the breezy tune. (“Your parents are the two halves of the waffle maker; that makes you the waffle” has never sounded sadder.) This isn’t the first time Matt Berninger and company have lent their vibe to the show’s soundtrack; a few years ago, they also teased out the real sadness of Linda Belcher’s ridiculous“Gravy Boat” (not to mention Bob’s restroom lament “Bad Stuff Happens In The Bathroom.”) This year’s offering—animated by Bento Box Entertainment—doesn’t have quite the same kick as watching gravy version of the band slide down Bob’s throat, happily strumming, but if you were in the market for a bunch of psychedelic Teddies staring blankly at you while someone sings sadly about Gerald Ford bobbleheads, you’re in luck.

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