Given that the average smart phone contains a couple gigabytes of highly personal information, the prospect of handing your phone to a complete stranger can be a scary one. That fear is only doubled if you’re one of the thousands of lonely Tinder users out there looking for love online, because now a stranger has the fate of your love life in their meddling hands. Fortunately, if that stranger is comedian Nick Kroll, this incredibly vulnerable and stressful situation will at least be entertaining.

To promote his upcoming Netflix cartoon series Big Mouth, Kroll stopped by the Vanity Fair offices and took part in their Tinder Takeover series, in which comedians commandeer the Tinder profiles of Vanity Fair employees and try to connect them with hot singles in their area. This time, Kroll steals the identity of Ella as he swipes left, right, and up on a real mixed bag of tri-state area dudes.


Due to Kroll’s inexperience with the app, there are a few accidental rejections, but once he gets a successful match he moves on to the chat phase, where things get a little more intimate and way more direct. “Do you want to a fuck bro?” is a tactfully delivered line that anyone in the dating scene should immediately add to their arsenal. And, of course, like any responsible individual with access to a stranger’s phone, Kroll takes a minute to scrutinize how many unchecked missed calls Ella has and sends an out-of-context text to one of her friends.

So, next time you’re swiping around on Tinder or think you’re hitting it off with some smooth-talking single, just remember the person on the other side of that app could actually be a famous comedian just doing a bit for a viral video. In fact, you should always assume that’s the case.