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The red spot's about to pop in this Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark trailer

It was early last month that we got our first honest-to-goodness glimpse of the Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark movie, which teased creatures old and new. Now, thanks to both a new trailer and a special preview featuring the cast and crew, we’ve got a much better sense of just how Alvin Schwartz and Stephen Gammell’s trilogy of traumatic short story collections will manifest onscreen.


André Øvredal’s adaptation was described as “Amblin-esque” at the film’s trailer launch event, where it was revealed that the movie will weave a handful of the book’s tales into a supernatural story set in 1968. Fittingly, the narrative centers around a book, one that exploits the greatest fears of the kids who find it by bringing them to life. As we saw previously, these horrors include a toe-less corpse, Harold the scarecrow, and that blocky-ass, stringy-haired pale lady, but, as you can see in the above trailer, the spider-iffic “Red Spot” will also have a place in the proceedings.

Also, The A.V. Club confirmed with producers J. Miles Dale and Sean Daniel that Slender-esque “Jangly Man” seen in the film’s previous clips is actually a “composite” of creatures from the book, though they chose not to reveal which ones. And, if you’re worried about the film deviating from the illustrations that made the original books so frightening, they also say that the effects crew was asked to recreate the monsters from the original drawings. We’d expect as much with Guillermo Del Toro producing; he apparently collects illustrator Stephen Gammell’s artwork.

Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark will clamber through your bedroom window on August 9.

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