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The View drops conservative co-host, might replace her with Meghan McCain

(Photo: Getty Images,  Robin Marchant)
(Photo: Getty Images, Robin Marchant)

It looks like there’s a shakeup happening at The View, with The Hollywood Reporter revealing that conservative-leaning co-host Jedediah Bila is leaving the show after just joining it last year. Interestingly, Bila did not offer a reason for her departure, simply saying it “has been just an amazing journey” and that she appreciates all of the other co-hosts. THR theorizes that Bila’s leaving to spend time on a book that she’s been working “insanely” hard on, but it seems like she might just be getting replaced by a slightly more famous conservative-leaning person.


No, not upcoming View guest host Anthony Scaramucci, but Meghan McCain. She just announced that she’s leaving her Fox News contributor position, and CNN is reporting that she’s “in talks” to take the now-vacant spot on The View. McCain doesn’t have an official deal in place yet, and ABC hasn’t commented on the story, but this is all supposedly “in late stages.” If she doesn’t take the gig, though, The Mooch would probably be happy to take the spot.

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