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The Walking Dead

Judging by this rather lengthy preview just debuted at Comic-Con, the makers of The Walking Dead are well aware of the fervent following for Norman Reedus. Reedus’ Daryl is front and center throughout much of these four-a-half-minutes, wielding his trusty crossbow and generally taking charge—an enhanced role, it seems, resulting from Rick’s third-season breakdown and subsequent abdicating of his leadership, in addition to general fan service. Some other new things to expect when the AMC drama returns on October 13: New allies, chief among them Chad Coleman’s fellow Wire alum Larry Gilliard Jr. New threats, possibly coming from inside the prison. New horses for Michonne. New hair for Carl. New hope, in the form of a mysterious voice on the radio. But don’t worry: There are still the same old, reassuring zombies outside, and conversations about what to do about them inside. Though, from the looks of things, the zombies finally figured out that they can do greater damage if they work together. Seems like they watched World War Z over their summer break.


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