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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

Here’s one for anybody who’s paranoid, but not so paranoid that they won’t allow a giant TV corporation to install some programming on the constantly-active tracking device they permanently keep in their pockets: Fox has announced that it’s releasing a free mobile game based on its ever-resurgent X-Files franchise.

Somewhat hilariously, the app’s title is staying right on the cutting edge of modern conspiracy thinking, boasting the name The X-Files: Deep State. (The X-Files: Why Doesn’t This D.C.-Area Pizza Place Have A Basement? apparently being a little too on the nose.) Besides giving David Duchovny fans a place to express their deepest Ellen-based anxieties, the app looks like a pretty standard modern mobile game: some find-the-object stuff, a few light puzzles, and cartoon versions of all your favorite characters. (That’s one way to get around Gillian Anderson’s upcoming departure from the franchise, we guess.)


The app launched today, for free; more chapters will be available for downloaded in coming weeks, according to Fox.

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