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Tim Heidecker is putting himself on trial for murder right now as part of On Cinema's latest absurd twist

(Screenshot: Adult Swim)

The winding mythology of Tim Heidecker and Gregg Turkington’s On Cinema At The Cinema is one of the most in-depth gags of either man’s career, a long narrative of deaths, medical maladies, and the occasional actual movie review, all powered by the permanent faux-resentment festering between its two “stars” (i.e., Heidecker and Turkington’s exaggerated and awful versions of themselves).

The show’s last season ended with Heidecker being put on trial for murder, after a disastrous series of vape-related deaths at an electronic music festival. The comedian’s Twitter account—which, as always, is simultaneously a real tool for promoting his projects and an integral part of the in-universe gag—has been hyping his court date for weeks.

Now, it’s finally arrived, streaming on Adult Swim’s web site at this very moment for all to see. Right now the trial’s still in opening statements, but we can only assume things will start to get upsetting fairly soon.


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