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Today in depressing remake news: DiCaprio to bring The Twilight Zone back to the silver screen

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Ah, The Twilight Zone. It was big part of my childhood and yours. It’s a pop-culture perennial and shorthand for anything ooky, spooky or downright uncanny. It taught us many valuable life lessons through allegory and ham-fisted liberal sermonizing.

For better or worse, it will never go away. It’s been resurrected for television multiple times and now Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company is planning to bring it back to the silver screen with the help of Rand Ravich, a writer whose most prominent film credit, The Astronaut’s Wife, was widely compared to a bad episode of The Twilight Zone. I guess this is DiCaprio's way of serving man, just like in that delightful cookboo—I mean interplanetary manifesto of peace and intergalactic brotherhood.

John Landis, Steven Spielberg, Joe Dante and George Miller each directed segments of 1983’s The Twilight Zone: The Movie, a famous debacle whose creative merits (Miller and Dante’s segments were great, as was a prologue featuring Albert Brooks and Dan Aykroyd) were overshadowed by veteran character actor Vic Morrow’s violent real-life death alongside two children during the shooting of a special-effects sequence involving a helicopter. We're guessing Jennifer Jason Leigh will not be in the cast of DiCaprio and company's reboot (too soon?)


I've actually managed to score a copy of Ravich's script, which I'll finally have time to read, alongside all my other beloved books, now that I'm the only survivor of an atomic war. Oh no! What happened to my glasses?! I can hear them crunch beneath my feet! No!!!! Please do feel free to add your own clumsy Twilight Zone references in the comments.