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Logitech Harmony Smart Control, $70


This seemingly basic remote might not look like much at first blush, but it can actually control eight of your favorite home theater devices, and even turn your smartphone into a universal remote as well.

You’re probably used to seeing Logitech Harmony remotes with screens built in, but it turns out that you already carry a much better screen in your pocket. So in addition to controlling your TV, cable box, game console, stereo, and more from the remote itself, the Logitech Harmony Smart Control can now do the same from your iPhone or Android from anywhere in the house. That’s especially handy when your favorite show is about to start and you can’t find the remote anywhere. Today’s $70 price is the best we’ve ever seen, but it’s only available today.

Acer Chromebook R 13, $350


Acer’s Chromebook R 13 is the touchscreen Chromebook you’ve been waiting for, and now it’s $50 off on Amazon, matching an all-time low.

$350’s still a bit steep for a Chromebook, but you won’t find many other options with a 1080p multitouch IPS display, 12 hours of battery life, USB-C charging, and the ability to contort into tent and tablet form factors.

Aukey HDTV Antenna (Black), $15 with code AUKEYANP
Aukey HDTV Antenna (White), $15 with code AUKEYANP


Sure, you could borrow someone’s cable login and stream the Final Four, but then you’ll be about 90 seconds behind Twitter and excited texts from your friends, which is the worst. But with this $15 amplified antenna, you’ll be able to pull in CBS (plus the other broadcast networks) live, for free, and with better picture quality than you get online.

Note: They’re the same antenna, just different colors and promo codes.

Sharpie Electro Pop 24-pack, $10


You might not have an immediate need for a pack of multicolored Sharpies, but they’re great to keep stocked in your home office, and Amazon’s currently selling a 24-pack of ultra-fine tips for $10, which is about as cheap as you’ll ever see them.

NCAA apparel Gold Box


It’s a little puzzling that Amazon would run an NCAA apparel sale after all but 12 schools have been eliminated from the tournament, but better late than never, I guess.

Today only, you score great low prices on team-branded hoodies, hats, and shirts. The players won’t get any of the money, but on the bright side, these are really cheap prices, so the NCAA probably won’t get as much as they normally would. Just click through to the item you want, and you’ll find a drop-down menu with all of the available schools—the teams you see on the deal page are not the only options.

Sportneer stadium seat, $12 with code IHUJ2FJ2
Two-pack for $22 with code M5ZRA6Q8


Whether you’re parking yourself on cold metal bleachers or just want to support your back while you sit outside, this Sportneer stadium seat is a great deal at $12 for one or a two-pack for $22. I own a few of these, and they work surprisingly well, and even roll up for easy carrying. Check the promo codes and save your butt from the bleachers.

Star Wars: Rebellion, $65


Much like Chewbacca, the new Star Wars: Rebellion board game is intimidating and difficult to understand at first, but the more time you spend with it, the more you’ll love it. Amazon’s marked it down to $65 today, and yeah, that’s a lot for a board game, but it’s about $10 cheaper than usual, and each play-through will keep you entertained for an entire evening. Just be sure to let the Wookiee win, and lock in your order before Amazon alters the deal.

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