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Totally ripped worm named after Henry Rollins

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Dangerous Minds reports that scientists at the University of Bristol have named a newfound species of extinct fireworm after singer/actor/lecturer Henry Rollins. While it’s impossible to tell whether Rollinschaeta myoplena was hardcore or more post-punk, it does seem to have had one thing in common with the former Black Flag and Rollins Band frontman: muscles.

Just as Rollins is known for having neck veins that look like steel cables, Rollinschaeta, which seems to be related to earthworms and leeches, is the first fossil ever to be identified by its musculature. To put this in perspective, other types of worm—Morrisseyum complainicus, Robertsmithicus eyeshadowae—are more sensitive, while Rollinschaeta looks like if you got it really pissed off, it could take Glen Danzig’s head off (assuming Danzig was a tiny, prehistoric invertebrate).


Rollinschaeta will be launching a spoken-word tour of college campuses in 2016, while the University of Bristol scientists will continue naming obscure discoveries after pop culture figures, because that’s what nerds do for fun.