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Transparent probably won't be back until 2019

Photo: Jennifer Clasen/Amazon Studios

Despite getting the green light nearly seven months ago, the fifth season of Transparent probably won’t hit Amazon this year. According to The Hollywood Reporter, production isn’t likely to even start until December which means we probably won’t see the Pfeffermans fighting on screen again until 2019.

Jeffrey Tambor, who played the central figure for four seasons, recently departed the series after being accused of sexual harassment and misconduct by trans actresses Van Barnes and Trace Lysette. When news of the allegations first broke, Amazon began its own investigation. Tambor defended himself in the press, then issued and retracted claims that he was leaving the show of his own volition. But in February, Amazon confirmed that the actor would not return for the fifth season. Once the studio’s investigation had been completed, creator Jill Soloway backed their trans actresses, saying “We are taking definitive action to ensure our workplace respects the safety and dignity of every individual, and are taking steps to heal as a family.” Amazon hasn’t announced whether Tambor will be replaced or written out of the show, but in either case, the writing can’t move forward until that’s settled.


There’s even more behind-the-scenes turmoil at Amazon, with NBC Entertainment president Jennifer Salke replacing Roy Price, who’s also faced claims of sexual harassment, as head of the studio.

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