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Trevor Noah will stay on The Daily Show through 2022

(Photo: Getty Images for Comedy Central, Brad Barket)

HBO just renewed the contracts for its people who make jokes about the news, with both John Oliver and Bill Maher set to stick around through 2020, but Comedy Central is one-upping those premium cable jerks with an even sweeter deal for its guy who makes jokes about the news. As reported by Variety, Comedy Central has renewed Trevor Noah’s contract through 2022, meaning he’ll still be hosting The Daily Show for at least a few more years. On top of that, Noah is also getting annual, year-end comedy specials on the network, with the first one coming later this year.

The Variety story says that Comedy Central doesn’t exactly know what the format of these year-end specials will be, but Comedy Central president Kent Alterman says, “it would be great to within the auspices of The Daily Show do some sort of stand-up special or take a look at the year in terms of the headlines that have transpired.” Either way, Comedy Central is happy to keep Noah around, as his Daily Show is apparently picking up better ratings this year from last year, and he’s supposedly even “coming up on” Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show in terms of young viewers.


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