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In some bad news for the future of Universal’s Dark Universe, Deadline is reporting that the studio has pulled one of the series’ upcoming films—Bride Of Frankenstein—from its release schedule. Bill Condon is directing the movie, and it was supposed to start production in London in February, but Condon and Universal have reportedly decided to push the start date back so they can do some more work on the script. Assuming it does get made eventually, Bride Of Frankenstein will be the second Dark Universe movie, with the first one being this summer’s Mummy reboot.

In a statement, Universal confirmed the delay and explained that Bride Of Frankenstein is a “special movie” that simply needs “more time to come together.” Javier Bardem is attached to play the monster and Angelina Jolie was in talks to play the eponymous bride, but Deadline’s sources say they’re both waiting until everything gets ironed out with the script before they actually commit to the movie.


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