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VH1 Is Negging Us All

In general, VH1's programming falls into four categories: 1. Nostalgia countdowns with the words "awesomely," "rich," or "best" in the title. 2. Has-been reality shows (Flavor Of Love, Celebrity Fit Club, Shooting Sizemore and anything else involving people you assumed were dead) and their various spin-offs (Charm School, I Love New York) 3. Day-long America's Next Top Model marathons, and 4. Shows that display the same 10 static pictures of celebrities over and over again for a half-hour, like The Fabulous Life Of and Celebrity Eye Candy. (Ever wonder what your television would look like if you pasted pages from Us Weekly all over it? No? Well, then don't watch Celebrity Eye Candy. It's like looking into a nightmare of a fantasy that you didn't even know people were capable of having.) But VH1's new series, The Pickup Artist, belongs in a category all its own: Reality series about how to pick up chicks taught by a guy who chooses to call himself "Mystery," and based on the two-year-old seduction seminar trend as outlined in The Game:

But just who is this "Mystery"? This ruffle-shirt-wearing pick-up guru? According to this local news feature, Mystery is a master of seduction–he can even teach you how to pick up the cutest girls at the hottest "ultra-lounge" in Scottsdale. Also, I can't prove it, but I think he might be Jamiroquai–which would add a has-been element to the show that VH1 no doubt desires.

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