Proving that bleeps are the new black in advertising, Phillips has decided to market their new "Body Groom" shaver with a very blunt, very funny website. Here's a music video all about it.

But you should really go to the website,, for the full-on asshole-in-the-bathrobe effect. There's a body map that tells you where to shave, and you can even ask the now-hairless asshole your own question. I typed in "What's your problem?" To which he responded, "Look, I'm no genius. I'm just a guy who wants to talk about his cock." Which is fair, I guess. (Thanks to the intrepid, possibly hairy Hater reader CK for the heads up.) Oh, and in case you're wondering, Gillette is not taking this lying down. They're planning on taking body grooming bluntness to the next level. Look out for Gillette's new Mach 10 Ballshaver Extreme this summer.