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Watch a real-life superhero tackle a Confederate flag during a live news broadcast

Deadspin is calling this a “sports highlight,” and it is indeed an amazing feat of both athletic and activist strength. In just six seconds, Black Lives Matter activist Muhiyidin D’Baha attacks and grabs a giant Confederate flag, wrestling it away from its asshole racist owner.

The flying leap over police tape happened yesterday in South Carolina, where Bree Newsome, who knows something about pulling down Confederate flags, was speaking to the College Of Charleston. Newsome scaled a flagpole and pulled down a Confederate flag 10 days after Dylann Roof murdered nine black worshippers in a Charleston church in 2015.


The original flag-waver was protesting Newsome’s speech as a member of South Carolina Secessionist Party, although he was greatly outnumbered by those in support of Newsome (others in the crowd jeered at the solo racist, “It’s so sad to be a racist today, isn’t it? No friends!”). Although D’Baha’s superhero grab enabled him to run away with the flag, he was quickly taken down by police. He was subsequently arrested and charged with disorderly conduct charged and malicious injury to “real property.”

The Charleston chapter of the Society For Racial Justice has created a webpage to raise the money get D’Baha out of jail. At this writing, the total is at $7,846 of the $8,000 goal. You can contribute to the fund of this true American patriot here.

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