As all quote-unquote ā€˜90s kids know, Legends Of The Hidden Temple was Nickelodeonā€™s attempt to fuse a beat-the-clock game show with a bit of a history lesson. And while the pairs that made up the Blue Barracudas, Green Monkeys, Silver Snakes, and so on generally figured out the first two-thirds of the show with aplomb, once they hit the temple run teamsā€”almost without failā€”just froze up, forgetting everything theyā€™d been told about how to make it through the maze successfully.

If you were a kid at home watching the show, that inaction was mind-bendingly frustrating, especially since you knew that, if you were there, youā€™d never get sucked into the clenches of the dreaded temple guards. Perhaps most frustrating, though, was watching contestants repeatedly struggle with the Shrine Of The Silver Monkey, a room on the route that simply required the runners to put three foam statue pieces togetherā€”base, middle, headā€”and yet constantly tricked kids up.


Now, thanks to the good people at Everything Is Terrible, you can relive all that frustration with the above almost 19-minute clip of kids struggling with the Silver Monkey. Itā€™s almost worse than you remember, and if youā€™re prone to secondhand stress, let this act as a word of warning: You will end up wanting to throw your computer through the wall within 30 seconds of watching these kids struggle. Itā€™s just inevitable.