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Here's 19 excruciating minutes of kids struggling with the Shrine Of The Silver Monkey

As all quote-unquote ‘90s kids know, Legends Of The Hidden Temple was Nickelodeon’s attempt to fuse a beat-the-clock game show with a bit of a history lesson. And while the pairs that made up the Blue Barracudas, Green Monkeys, Silver Snakes, and so on generally figured out the first two-thirds of the show with aplomb, once they hit the temple run teams—almost without fail—just froze up, forgetting everything they’d been told about how to make it through the maze successfully.

If you were a kid at home watching the show, that inaction was mind-bendingly frustrating, especially since you knew that, if you were there, you’d never get sucked into the clenches of the dreaded temple guards. Perhaps most frustrating, though, was watching contestants repeatedly struggle with the Shrine Of The Silver Monkey, a room on the route that simply required the runners to put three foam statue pieces together—base, middle, head—and yet constantly tricked kids up.


Now, thanks to the good people at Everything Is Terrible, you can relive all that frustration with the above almost 19-minute clip of kids struggling with the Silver Monkey. It’s almost worse than you remember, and if you’re prone to secondhand stress, let this act as a word of warning: You will end up wanting to throw your computer through the wall within 30 seconds of watching these kids struggle. It’s just inevitable.

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