In moments of quiet contemplation, when you can just sit still and relax, feeling the smooth, slow expansion of your lungs as they fill with air and then their steady, calming release as you exhale, the outside world falls away, and your focus turns inward. Often in this state of deep relaxation you're left with only one thought: "What is Dennis Rodman up to, and why hasn't he been in a movie about dwarfs playing basketball yet?" Then one day you find a trailer for a movie called The Minis, with no other description other than, "Dwarfs playing basketball…with Dennis Rodman" and you realize that you are completely in sync with the universe. Either that, or you live your life blissfully free of thoughts of Dennis Rodman, until one gray day when you stumble upon the The Minis trailer and you find yourself angrily staring at the uncaring sky thinking: "What the hell, Universe? Explain yourself."

(Via Videogum)

In the inspirational underdog sports movie genre, The Minis seems to be more inspirational than Air Bud, Mighty Ducks, and Angels In The Outfield combined. Not only do the midget underdogs (and Dennis Rodman) play basketball against all odds, but this movie about midget underdogs (and Dennis Rodman) playing basketball against all odds was triumphantly made against all odds— and apparently with no budget.