A baby acting like a grown-up is funny in the same way that a dog wearing sunglasses is funny, or a macho guy dressed up like a pretty lady is funny, or two dudes totally kissing on the lips is funny–that is to say, it's not really that funny. In fact, it's kind of lazy.
Then again, Will Ferrell and Adam McKay are leaning on the baby-acting-like-a-grown-up crutch in order to make some viral videos for their website funnyordie.com, and who wants to put effort into a viral video? You can't really blame them for not trying.
Their latest non-effort, "Good Cop, Baby Cop" (which, incidentally, is very close to the title of the new Marlon Wayans' movie, Good Cop, Little Man Cop), is below. (You can watch it here, if the video doesn't work.)

Apparently, it contains baby Pearl "You pay now, bitch!" McKay's last performance, which I think is a good thing. Not because I think it's wrong for a parent to make their child say curse words–that's probably part of the fun of having a child, one of the myriad joys of parenthood. But because I think it's maybe a little wrong to make your child into a younger, modern-day equivalent of the "Where's the beef?" grandma.

That, and the fact that if Pearl stops performing now, we'll never have to see "Baby Construction Foreman"