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Wonder Woman and friends take on an Aztec god in this exclusive preview

Image: DC Comics

DC’s Midnighter was one of the best action comics of the last five years, and getting the book’s creative team back together on Wonder Woman has significantly turned up the intensity and excitement of the Amazon warrior’s solo series. Writer Steve Orlando, artist ACO, and colorist Romulo Fajardo Jr. take Diana on a thrilling journey into the world of Aztec mythology in their current storyline, teaming Wonder Woman with Artemis and Aztek to take down the Aztec deity Tezcatlipoca as he brings his armies to Earth. Orlando began his five-issue run with an intimate standalone story that highlighted Diana’s empathy and eagerness to rehabilitate her former foes, displaying a deep understanding of the heroine’s peace-keeping mission. The fighting in that issue was nowhere on the level of this Aztec-infused tale, which takes full advantage of ACO’s skills to deliver dynamic action with a bold graphic sensibility.

This exclusive preview of this week’s Wonder Woman #53 has the trio fighting their way through dead giants to stop Tezcatlipoca’s invasion. ACO does phenomenal work giving Aztec imagery a sci-fi upgrade, as Fajardo Jr. pumps the page full of energy with electric coloring that accentuates the spectacular fantasy of this interdimensional setting. The first big action moment of the issue is a stunning two-page spread that uses a flurry of stars to amplify the impact of Wonder Woman’s punch, and ACO’s artwork captures the full scope of this battle. David Lorenzo’s inks enhance the slickness of the line work, and ACO’s frequent inker, Hugo Petrus (another member of the Midnighter creative team), also hops on board to draw a few pages of this week’s issue.


This Midnighter reunion makes for an exceptional Wonder Woman story, building on the character’s mythological foundation for an action-packed take on Aztec gods.

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